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New York City's own Whale Research and Advocacy Organization

Gotham Whale is collecting data on balloon sightings (hopefully we will be able to document a decrease in the coming years) and the Crew of the American Princess gaffs what balloons they can while on our Whale Watches.

Please Dont Let Us Go.pdfOne of our Citizen Scientist photographers, Dennis Guiney, has initiated a program to bring the dangers of balloons in the marine environment.  He has produced the Poster, "Please Don't Let Us Go"  and Gotham Whale is pleased to help bring this message to the general public.

Balloons, particularly, Mylar  balloons are a popular addition to any party and sometimes it's fun to see them fly off into the sky.  The party may be hundreds of miles from the ocean, so the last thing on people's mind is a connection to the ocean.  However, these balloons easily fly great distances and end up in the ocean where sea turtles, and marine mammals mistake them for prey,  and ingest. Often, the plastic impacts their digestive system, causing death. 

So please keep it in mind at the next party and tell your friends.  "Please, Don't Let Us  Go".

Balloons can Kill!!