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Captain Tom displays the plankton net

Education Programs


Nature in New York is exploding right off our coastlines, and most of its wildlife happens to be under the sea!  And now is a great opportunity to get out there and explore our coastal heritage and resources by bringing your students onboard the American Princess, our “floating classroom”, for an adventure that students will not forget. 

  Educational programming is available with seasoned marine science educators, such as myself with a great team of shipboard naturalists Paul Sieswerda, Catherine Granton and Chris Spagnoli. Programs can be tailor-made from grade 3 up to college level, enhancing both science content and process skills that will last a lifetime, and support the core curriculum in biology, ecology, and environmental studies.

  Students will be introduced to a selection of the following topics, via biofacts, artifacts, science equipment, demonstration tools and display stations: Diversity of Fishes; Water Chemistry; Invertebrate Taxonomy and Biology with a live animal handling tub; Coastal Ecology and Salt Marshes; Marine Mammals: Research and Data Collection; and Plankton Studies: Collection and Identification. 
  Create the change that will infuse ocean sciences into your curriculum --- so vital to our existence, and yet is still a discipline that is significantly underrepresented in our school system.
  Remember …. Coastlines are our lifelines. Become Ocean Literate!
  For booking and information on cost and scheduling, please contact Captain Frank DeSantis at twfmferry@, or call (718) 474-0593. Visit the website at www. They are an approved DOE vendor.
  The American Princess crew and naturalists have been trained by and adheres to the NOAA Northeast whale watching guidelines and is an active participant of the Whale Sense program, advancing education, conservation, and research.  To learn more about this program, visit their website