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New York City's own Whale Research and Advocacy Organization

The new york  humpback whale catalog

Tracking Individual whales identified in and around New York city

Humpback whales have distinctive markings on the underside of their tails (fluke).   For decades researchers have been compiling photographs of humpbacks and keeping a catalog for identification.  This has been done at  a number of institutions around the world. (see list below)

Gotham Whale is adding to that knowledge base by maintaining The New York Humpback Whale Catalog.

We have identified eleven humpbacks as individuals from the waters of New York City.  

Institutions maintaining Fluke Catalogs:

Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island

Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic, in Maine

The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies 

Whales Bermuda

Nature Tropicale, Benin, W. Africa