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The Halls of Congress :

U.S. Subway system; Senate Tram - "just like Disneyworld."

Group Planning Session:  getting our "talking points"

Paul L. Sieswerda in the office of Beth Kerttula, Director of the National Ocean Council , Executive Office of the President.  

Gotham Whale's  Paul L.. Sieswerda  lobbies  in Washington DC for smart ocean  planning

The Ocean Conservancy  sponsored  a "fly-in" for stake holders and interested parties to lobby for comprehensive ocean planning and continued support from the U.S. government.  Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island expedited the group's activities for a coordinated approach to reach approximately 50 House and Senate representatives to present the message for smart ocean planning.  The group represented most of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States and, as constitutionally provided, petitioned their State's representatives to continue the federal support for President Obama's executive Order # 13547 that has been in place since 2010 and implements the recommendations of George W. Bush's  U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy.  We Lobbied to preserve funding for a comprehensive plan and to oppose riders that diminish the executive order.

The National Ocean Council (NOC) is tasked with implementing these policies and reducing the duplication between the 20 federal agencies and 140 laws and regulations currently governing our oceans.

Gotham Whale was pleased to be part of this experience.  We had significant data to present arguing the critical need for smart planning as whales continue to increase in the waters around New York City.  Artie Raslich's iconic photo brought that story home and we think our message was well received.

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