(please note that Gotham Whale tracks healthy animals, behaving normally.  if you see sick or injured animals, contact Riverhead Foundation - STRANDING HOTLINE 631.369.9829 )

Reel Bar

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Flagship Brewery

Support our partners:  In order to supply the "REWARD" for our WANTED program, these sponsors have agreed to honor the voucher from Gotham Whale to redeem the FREE BEER.  We intend to build a network of supporting breweries and bars along the coast line in the Western New York Bight.  Thanks to these partners........!! .

Wanted !

Gotham Whale is asking all "eyes on the water" , boaters, kayakers, fishermen, and photographers to report sightings of marine mammals in the waters around NYC.  The "Wanted" poster and data sheet pictured above is available for your organization to have ready to fill out.  Or if you are able to provide the Date, location (lat/long), species, and number, just contact paul@gothamwhale.org.  If the information can be documented with pictures or otherwise authenticated, you will be able to claim a "Reward" at one of our participating partners.  The information will be entered into Gotham Whale's database and will help understand the marine mammals populations that are returning to these waters.  These data will help our conservation efforts.  Thank you for the help.

Your support helps our conservation efforts


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